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Welcome to Neo PPE

At our business, our experienced team provides the highest-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) at an ethical price point. By working with certified suppliers and manufacturers, we connect you to the PPE you deserve — shipped directly to your door. Whether you are interested in a respirator or a disposable face mask, we aim to meet your needs with exceptional service, current information, dedicated support, and only the best quality products.

Welcome to Neo PPE

While a reusable and washable cloth face mask is useful in a pinch, the average person or business can benefit from medical-grade protection. Washable masks provide a physical barrier to harmful particles. However, a medical-grade product from our shop offers enhanced benefits like comfort, a snug, hands-free fit, breathability, and a higher average rating for safety through both physical and electrostatic protection. If the current price that you have seen on other sites is a concern, don’t worry. We ethically price our PPE, so you can swap out your washable, reusable face mask and invest in a life-saving product for you, your community, or your business.

When you shop at NEO PPE, you’ll notice our carefully curated product list. By choosing to specialize, we dedicate our energy into streamlining the procurement, distribution, and shipping of the best and most cost-effective pieces. We know that during these times, fast, reliable shipping can be potentially life- and business-saving. The more efficiently we work, the faster you can return to your shop, medical practice, or daily life safely. And, as your PPE or sanitation needs evolve, we will continue serving you with thoughtful additions to our product list in the future.

3-Ply Surgical Mask

3-Ply Surgical Mask

Our 3-ply, surgical face mask is a bestseller in our shop for both business and personal use. This adult unisex face mask provides the critical protection you need with our favorite breathable fit. While machine washable and reusable alternatives do offer some protection, disposable, 3-ply masks provide physical filtration plus electrostatic filtration for an enhanced average rating for safety. This face mask effectively filters out bacteria, droplets, dust, and pollen.

Its comfortable, adult unisex design fits snugly on the face—keeping your hands free to shop, work, type, or perform other tasks. We also offer this customer favorite in a child’s size.

Click here to read more about this bestseller and see reviews from our happy customers.

Anatomy of the 3-Ply Surgical Mask

Outer Layer

The outermost layer of this face mask is made of spun-bond polypropylene (SBPP). This non-woven fabric is durable, hydrophobic, and heat resistant.

Inner Filter

The melt-blown polypropylene (MBPP) electrostatic filter provides both physical and electrostatic filtration against harmful particles.

Inner Layer

We add extra protection with another layer of spun-bond polypropylene for worry-free wear.

Bendable Nosepiece

Face masks are only effective when they fit properly. The bendable nosepiece on this product ensures a safe and secure unisex fit.

Ear Loop

White elastic bands provide enhanced comfort for the wearer while keeping the mask securely in place.

Anatomy of Our 3-Ply Face Mask

Anatomy of the N95 Respirator Mask

Elastic Straps

These braided, elastic straps keep the respirator firmly in place.


The non-woven fabric provides a barrier from potentially hazardous particles including dust, exhaust, smoke, fumes, and chemicals.

Nose Cushion

We add a high-density sponge to enhance comfort for long-term wear.

Nose Clip

Aluminum and bendable, the nose clip can be shaped to fit a variety of faces.

Pressure-Free Production

A 3D production process prevents the mask from collapsing for enhanced breathability and comfort.

Arched Design

The arched, adult unisex design ensures comfortable breathing while maintaining a secure seal for air purification.


Using electrostatic and mechanical filtration, this respirator purifies the air be-fore it enters the body through nasal or oral airways.

Anatomy of Our N95 Particulate Respirator

N95 Respirator Mask

N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

For the maximum level of protection, our N95 Respirators offer the highest safety rating. Blocking harmful particles from entering your mouth or nose as you breathe, this N95 Particulate Respirator Mask offers full protection while filtering out over 95% of exhaust, fumes, dust, smoke, particles, and chemicals.

While traditional respirators may not be your favorite to wear, this bestseller from our shop has a unisex, spacious design to ensure comfortable breathability for even long-term usage.

Learn more about our selection of N95 Masks and read our customers’ reviews here.

Purchase Process

As you shop around for your PPE needs, you’ll notice that we are different from the many distributors throughout the world. At NEO PPE, we are committed to you. We proudly work with businesses and individuals, providing a sustainable PPE solution—at a price point you can afford. If you are interested in purchasing a product from us, please use our contact form at the bottom of the page.

We would also be happy to discuss how a NEO PPE disposable face mask or respirator could serve you and your needs. For more information about the current price of each product, shipping costs, or if you have a question about any product in our shop, please reach out to us.

Rest assured, when you shop for a face mask or respirator from our business, you can breathe easy knowing that you will receive the best quality product at an ethical price. Whether you are upgrading from your washable, reusable mask or looking for medical-grade protection at a fair price, we are confident that NEO PPE is the company for you. Our high average rating and many reviews speak for themselves. Reviews from happy customers are a great source of pride to us, and we aim to deliver the exceptional, five-star experience you deserve every time.

Purchase Process

We look forward to providing you high-quality PPE

If you are interested in purchasing a product from NEO PPE, please contact us today. After submitting this form, we will reach out to you shortly.

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In addition to personal use, the pandemic has proven that PPE products are applicable across a wide spectrum of industries. From protecting essential workers and business owners to allowing customers to shop worry free, our products merge safety and comfort. Our satisfied customers include the FBI, the state of California, and medical practices throughout the country. Read our valued customers’ reviews to learn more about what makes a NEO PPE product different.

Curious if you should add face masks or respirators to your business, medical practice, or shop? Wondering if a non-reusable PPE product is a valuable addition at its current price point? Here are some of the nearly limitless benefits of providing free PPE within many industries and public places.



As students return to school and social distancing becomes harder to maintain, full face protection is essential. A disposable, gender-neutral face mask has a higher overage rating for safety than its washable alternative. With fast shipping and child sizing our face masks are the perfect solution for any student or educator.



Government employees — like military personnel and elected officials — have frequent face-to-face contact. A free, disposable face mask is an invaluable way to add protection, stay current with governmental protocols, and shield these essential employees from sickness as they perform necessary duties.

Spas & Salons

Spas & Salons

The average salon, barber, spa, and beauty parlor all require close person-to-person contact. When you add free, gender-neutral face masks to your business, you can keep everyone safe as clients enjoy your services or shop for a new product in the waiting area.



Whether you own a large grocery store or a small boutique, your staff deserves the best quality protection while customers shop. Keep your team and patrons healthy with our favorite, hands-free PPE solutions — shipped directly to your business.

Office Work

Office Work

Though many employees still work from home, a number are returning to the office for business. Prevent potentially harmful particles from spreading throughout full office spaces with PPE shipped to you. By providing a free and disposable face mask for each employee, you can reaffirm your commitment to staying current with health and safety guidelines.

Medical Practices

Medical Practices

Protect your doctors, nurses, and staff members with high-quality PPE — like a disposable, surgical mask or a respirator. By also supplying a free, gender-neutral face mask to each patient, you can replace reusable or washable masks in your office with medical-grade protection for all.

Food Services

Food Services

Keep patrons and staff safe while you serve up delicious food. Whether you run a sit-down restaurant, a fast-food franchise, or a takeout service, the average employee will have face-to-face contact with others. You can provide critical protection and shield against the spread of disease with a bestseller, like our 3-ply surgical face mask.

Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Help maintain the health of those who are gathering for religious purposes. Replace washable, reusable masks with a higher quality product. By equipping your church, mosque, or synagogue with necessary face mask options, you can give the average attendee the opportunity to worship — free from worry or anxiety.

What Makes Us Different

At NEO PPE, passion for safety and excellence runs in our blood. For the past 15 years, NEO PPE’s owner and founder, Deb Neo, watched her father’s company manufacture essential cleanroom products — like wipes, gloves, isolation gowns, and face masks. Over the years, Deb witnessed firsthand the impact that high-quality PPE has on peoples’ lives.

Our COVID-19 Response Makes Us Different

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many businesses and individuals wanted to shop for face masks and respirators. However, medical-grade supplies were scarce, sales were few and far between, and the average prices ballooned. NEO PPE was born out of this urgent need. Through Deb’s family ties to the greater PPE industry, we streamlined the manufacturing and shipping of face masks and respirators across the country — connecting
high-quality PPE to many deserving businesses and individuals

Our Health-First Mentality Makes Us Different

At NEO PPE, we are not your average PPE shop. Promoting health is our bottom line, and our favorite part of this job is knowing that we have the power to improve lives and wellness with every sale. Because of this, we are committed to providing face masks at an ethical and accessible price point. No matter the circumstances in the world, you deserve to be able to equip yourself with affordable, medical-grade protection – rather than relying on subpar, reliable equipment. Despite rampant price gouging in the PPE industry, the current price of any product of ours is a testament to our passion for moral business practices.

Our Masks Makes Us Different

In our shop, we also specialize. No matter what product you purchase from us, you can confidently know that you are replacing your current reusable or overpriced face mask with something better. Specialization allows us to focus on delivering safety, excellence, and fast shipping at an affordable price. Our shop is curated to represent only the best in the face mask and PPE industry. By offering quality products, like our disposable surgical face masks and N95 respirators, we prioritize quality over quantity during this time of crisis.

Our Manufacturing Makes Us Different

Because we work with a vertically-integrated manufacturer, we streamline excellence, safety, and reliability. With vertical integration, all face mask production is completed in one location — from creating raw materials, like melt-blown fabrics, to assembling the final product. Choosing to source each face mask or respirator from a like-minded, vertically-integrated manufacturer is cost effective, ensures better quality control, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination of each product at different manufacturers. With face masks from our shop shipped directly to your business, medical practice, or home, we cut out the middleman and pass on those savings and benefits to you.

When you shop with us, you will understand the Neo PPE difference

When you shop with us, you will understand the NEO PPE difference. Our high-quality face masks boast not only the highest rating for effectiveness, but also the highest rating for comfort – putting them in a different league than reusable, cloth masks. In this changing world, you and your business deserve to have the best PPE available. And our team is committed to helping you get there — with each item shipped quickly and safely to you.

When you choose a NEO PPE product, you can rest assured that every face mask or respirator is safe and reliable while available at an affordable price. We look forward to working with you, providing you with the immediate PPE you need, and continuing to support your goals into the future.