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Our Backstory


Founded by Deb Neo, NEO PPE was born in response to the global pandemic. When the pandemic hit, rampant price gouging and a severe PPE shortage caused many in the United States to panic. After witnessing these problems, Deb founded NEO PPE as an alternative to unethical businesses that were exploiting the pandemic. As a company, our mission is simple: Connect essential PPE to those who need it — efficiently and ethically. Our team is passionate, energized, and equipped to provide clients with the medical-grade surgical face masks and respirators they deserve.

For nearly the past two decades, Deb’s father has owned a successful PPE company in Asia. There, he manufactures products like gloves, cleanroom accessories, disposable face masks, and other medical-grade safety equipment. Having direct contact with a manufacturer like Deb’s father streamlines our process, cuts out the middle man, and ensures that our high standards are infused in every part of our surgical mask and respirator production. By expanding the presence of these essential products throughout the United States, NEO PPE aims to deliver reliable quality and medical-grade safety.

Our company was born in response to a crisis. However, strong leadership, ethical business practices, and previous years of experience in the PPE industry have provided us with a solid foundation. When you contact us, our dedicated team takes the time to address your unique needs and find the right product for you. We care that you not only receive high-quality safety equipment, but also that every point of contact with our team is a positive experience. We know there are many options when it comes to medical-grade PPE, and we strive to earn your business every day.

Manufacturing a NEO PPE Product

In the hands of our vertically-integrated manufacturer, our PPE products are created, tested, and sterilized. Vertical integration means that all components of each medical-grade surgical mask and respirator are created in one location — from nonwoven fabrics to the final product. By eliminating every unnecessary point of contact, we improve production. This organic evolution in manufacturing provides stricter quality control, lowers costs, and reduces the risk of contamination associated with transporting materials to different factories. When you compare this process to another type of manufacturing, it is easy to see how we can cut unnecessary costs in the production of disposable safety equipment and pass those savings on to you.

Manufacturing a NEO PPE Product

Manufacturing Nonwoven Fabrics

Each of our disposable, surgical face masks and respirators are made with meltblown and spunbond, nonwoven fabrics. While masks made with traditional fabric could offer some level of protection, every NEO PPE disposable, surgical mask or N95 respirator offers medical-grade filtration thanks to its precisely crafted fabric and electric charge.

You can compare cotton face masks to a sifter. They hope to catch larger particles by physically blocking them while our nonwoven face masks do function like a finer sifter — you can more accurately compare them to a spiderweb. In addition to physically blocking harmful particles from entering the fabric, they use electrostatic energy to trap ones that come into contact with their fibers.

Creating supplies of nonwoven, spunbond, or meltblown fabric is not an easy undertaking and requires a specialized type of equipment. To ensure a small micron diameter and optimal safety, our manufacturer employs diligent quality control measures. In the spunbond process, polymer is melted, spun into filaments, cooled, and laid into a random web, which is then bonded. It creates a finished product that is hydrophobic and durable.

In the meltblown process, polymer is melted, blown into microfibers with hot airstreams, and cooled into a self-bonded material. Because of the airstreams, the microfibers are entangled (and randomly laid) as they cool. It creates a fine medical-grade fabric for enhanced filtration.

When you compare meltblown with spunbond fabric, you will notice that it is weaker and softer, but has better filtration. We use it as the inner layer of our disposable surgical face mask and duckbill style N95 respirator. By pairing the support, strength, and structure of spunbond fabric with the enhanced filtration of meltblown fabric, each face mask that our manufacturer produces is created with your safety in mind. Compare this finished, medical-grade product with a counterfeit surgical mask, and you can see why our products offer top levels of effectiveness — even with close face-to-face contact.

Quality Control and Certifications

We proudly deliver the highest-quality disposable face masks and respirators. Because all stages of mask and respirator production take place in one location, we choose to work with the best of the best. On top of employing quality control measures, our manufacturer regularly tests products for imperfections and assesses them to ensure that they meet our high standards.

A third-party lab also rigorously evaluates our face masks and respirators for our medical and safety certifications. During these lab testing processes, accredited facilities thoroughly evaluate our PPE based on requirements set by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, American Society for Testing and Materials, and National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory. Our products are all rated at 95% or greater filtration, and we proudly meet these tests’ standards for medical and safety certification. It is a great privilege to provide the medical-grade safety you deserve in NEO PPE products.

Our Difference

PPE products are not all the same. When you compare the effectiveness of a surgical mask from our suppliers with a homemade or counterfeit mask, there is a stark difference. While you may find cheap disposable masks on sale across the Internet, many are counterfeit. We take great pride in the medical-grade certifications that our masks and respirators hold. Creating meltblown or spunbond fabrics is a pricey and time-intensive undertaking that requires specialized equipment and attentive care. Many face masks online are missing the electrically-charged filter, high-quality fabrics, and medical certifications that our products offer. Remember, just because a mask may look like one of ours, it doesn’t mean that it has the same medical certifications, comfort, or quality.

Our Supply Chain

Compare a vertically-integrated manufacturer with a typical manufacturer, and you will see many benefits. By choosing vertical integration, our suppliers have full quality control over each part of a disposable surgical face mask, minimize the risk of outside contact and contamination, and keep costs low by eliminating extra shipping charges. We cut out the middle man so you can count on us for safe, medical-grade face coverings at an ethical price.

Once the raw materials are crafted into nonwoven fabrics and later into the finished product, our PPE is then shipped across the world — from our manufacturer to the United States. When you contact our team for an order, we then ship our products to customers in every region of the country.

Our Leadership and Team

Our nimble and dynamic team provides expertise and care. With years of applicable experience and a passion for our customers, we deliver high-quality products, safe face masks, and excellent customer service. On top of this, we bring a unique approach to PPE distribution by having a direct and familial point of contact with our supplier.

Deb Neo, CEO & Owner

Deb, CEO and Owner

Born and raised in Singapore, Deb Neo moved to Ohio when she was 10. A passion for PPE runs in the Neo family. For nearly two decades, Deb’s father has owned his own company that produces cleanroom products and accessories — gloves, masks, wipes, and other sanitization supplies — in Asia.

In 2020, after witnessing rampant price gouging and scarcity in the PPE industry, Deb founded NEO PPE. With her already-established family connection, she knew she could address the PPE shortage, bring high-quality face masks and respirators to the US, and connect medical-grade safety equipment with customers in need.

While her previous education and experience were in the field of social work, Deb’s passion for helping others quickly blended with her life-long experience of watching her father run the family business. As NEO PPE quickly becomes a preferred source of face masks in the country, Deb continues to focus on expanding the company, delivering quality PPE supplies, and helping more people with every product we sell.

Aaron, Vice President of Sales

Aaron, Vice President of Sales

Born and raised in Bexley, Ohio, Aaron’s passion for sales and customer relationships make him an invaluable member of our team. With previous experience in hospitality and restaurants, Aaron’s commitment to customers shines through in everything that he does.

A proud member of the Columbus community, he joined NEO PPE as a way to help address the nationwide PPE shortage through his connections in the area.


There is a distinctive difference when you compare our philosophy to other PPE companies. At NEO PPE, we measure our success by our clients’ satisfaction. That is our bottom line. From the moment you first contact our team, we care about supporting you and your needs. Whether you own a retail shop, medical practice, restaurant, or another business type, we have helped connect all of our clients with the necessary PPE supplies they need — at an ethical price.

All of our products have over 95% filtration, which is the gold standard in the healthcare industry. When you compare that to a cloth or counterfeit mask, it is clear why a disposable medical-grade face mask is important for individuals and businesses. Though some people continue to choose inexpensive, loose, and reusable cloth masks, those masks have many downsides. Without electrostatic filtration, a product is significantly less effective. And, when a PPE product fits loosely, aerosol droplets easily pass through gaps. If you come into close contact with people, you may expose yourself and others to the spread of disease.

When we compare the needs of our customers, we find that most people want the same things — comfortable earloops for long-wear, top-quality protection, and breathability. We take this into account and design our products to address these needs with care. You can always count on a NEO PPE surgical mask or respirator for safety, reliability, and ethical pricing.

Neo PPE Customers

Who Are Our Customers?

We proudly serve everyday people, businesses, and organizations — from medical practices to the FBI and even the State of California.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

No matter your employee count or business type, healthy staff members keep your business thriving. While buying cheap cloth masks may be inexpensive in the short term, surgical masks are a better investment for your shop.
Medical Offices

Medical Offices

Doctors, surgeons, specialists, dentists, and other medical professionals all have face-to-face contact with patients. Protect every employee in your staff with supplies of safe and disposable face masks or an enhanced safety product like an N95 mask.
Retail Workers

Retail Workers

With frequent person-to-person contact, retail workers are at a high risk of spreading or contracting diseases. A medical-quality surgical face mask provides optimal protection in response to the pandemic.


Face coverings in the food industry protect customers and staff members. When you compare restaurants with another type of business or industry, it is clear that food service is high risk. By requiring a disposable PPE product along with other supplies, like gloves, you can keep everyone safe.
Government Employees

Government Employees

A proactive response keeps essential workers — like teachers, military, or law enforcement — safe. Surgical-quality safety equipment can provide top-level protection for government employees. With several face mask and respirator options, we can work with you to determine which supplies you need.



Even if you practice social distancing, live in a low-risk region, or avoid unnecessary contact with others, having supplies of PPE is beneficial. An effective product from us will give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve. By replacing your cloth face mask with a nonwoven, medical-grade alternative, you can protect yourself and others.


Whether you contact us to purchase a surgical mask or N95 respirator, we deliver the customer service you deserve. With medical-grade protection and comfort infused in every NEO PPE product, you can wear your PPE with pride.


“Thank you for your generosity and great customer service. It is appreciated!! When we need more — and let’s be honest, I really hope we don’t — I will let you know. Thank you again!!”


We look forward to providing you high-quality PPE

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