GIKO 1200H N95 Respirator

This N95 Respirator Mask is NIOSH approved. It meets the requirements of NIOSH Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84 (42 CFR 84).

The mask has an arch-shape design providing increased internal space for better breathability and comfort during use. This is done with a 3D pressure-free production process. The aluminum nose clip can be shaped according to the shape of the bridge of the nose to ensure tightness of mask and nose. It has an elastic braided headband design which keeps its strength even after long-time use.


  • Can filter out more than 95% of exhaust, dust, chemicals, particles, smoke and fumes
  • Has an arch design or better breathability and comfortability
  • Has an aluminum nose clip which can easily be shaped for a snug and tight fit
  • Has a high-density sponge strip which relieves nasal pressure and provides additional comfort
  • Has an elastic braided headband design which can be used for long periods


Protection against various types of dust and non-oily substances generated in construction, mining, foundry, wood, cotton, electronics, pharmaceutical and others where concentration values or filtered particles do not exceed occupational exposure limit range.

Technical Data

Color: White
Material: Non-woven Fabric
Filtering Rate: ≥ 95%
NIOSH Approval No: TC-84A-4653
Manufacturer: Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Company Limited

NIOSH Approval Label

GIKO 1200H Respirator

Ordering Information

Packaging: 20 masks per box OR 24 boxes per carton
Box Details: Weight: 7.5kg/carton, Carton Dimensions: 52cm x 41cm x 47cm

GIKO 1200H N95 Product Box

GIKO 1200H N95 Respirator
GIKO 1200H N95 Respirator

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