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At NEO PPE, our respirators and masks offer comfort, peace of mind, and the best quality protection in the industry. We carefully construct each piece of PPE with wearability in mind while always providing ethical pricing. With medical-grade quality or safety certifications by authorities like the FDA or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, all of our products provide 95% or greater filtration to keep you healthy.

N95 Particulate Respirator

A disposable particulate respirator protects you from particles like dust, chemicals, fumes, smoke, and more. This traditional anti-collapsing design offers enhanced safety, filtration, and breathable comfort at an ethical price. When you open your pack of PPE, you will notice the intelligent dome shape and excellent quality. And, from the moment you put it on your face, you will feel the comfortable difference of our protective supplies. With enhanced filtration abilities, the FDA gave an emergency authorization of this mask for medical use during the PPE shortage.

One of our most popular products, this respirator provides a secure seal, comfortable fit, and a certified filtration of 95%.

Anatomy of the N95 Respirator Mask

Elastic Straps

These braided, elastic straps keep the respirator firmly in place.


The non-woven fabric provides a barrier from potentially hazardous particles including dust, exhaust, smoke, fumes, and chemicals.

Nose Cushion

We add a high-density sponge to enhance comfort for long-term wear.

Nose Clip

Aluminum and bendable, the nose clip can be shaped to fit a variety of faces.

Pressure-Free Production

A 3D production process prevents the mask from collapsing for enhanced breathability and comfort.

Arched Design

The arched, adult unisex design ensures comfortable breathing while maintaining a secure seal for air purification.


Using electrostatic and mechanical filtration, this respirator purifies the air be-fore it enters the body through nasal or oral airways.

Anatomy of Our N95 Respirator Face Mask

More About Our Products

GIKO 1200H N95 Respirator

GIKO 1200H N95 Respirator
  • Filtration Rate: ≥ 95%
  • Certifying Institution: NIOSH
  • Registration Number: TC-84A-4653
  • Packaging: 20 masks per box OR 24 boxes per carton
  • GIKO 1400 N95 Surgical

    GIKO 1400 N95 Surgical Exterior
  • Filtration Rate: ≥ 95%
  • Certifying Institution: FDA 510(k)
  • Registration Number: K063334
  • Packaging: 10 masks per box OR 30 boxes per carton
  • Duckbill Style N95

    Duckbill Style N95

    If you are looking for a PPE solution that combines a particulate respirator and surgical mask, NEO PPE has you covered. Disposable duckbill style masks offer the best of both styles and protection at an affordable price.

    With medical-grade certifications, surgical-quality safety, and premium non-woven materials for each layer, this N95 covers the chin and mid-face — filtering the air to protect against particles like dirt, dust, fumes, and chemicals as well as harmful pathogens. The unique duckbill style creates extra space around your mouth and nose. This creates a comfortable and breathable environment for those who may feel constricted by a traditional respirator.

    Producing an N95 Mask

    Working with a vertically-integrated manufacturer, we can provide the safest, best quality PPE along every step of the journey. From the creation of fabric and final assembly, to rigorous lab testing for certifications, there are many steps to creating the perfect N95 mask. And, since our manufacturer creates raw materials and assembles the product in one location, we can offer a lower price than many competitors and eliminate the potential for contamination as products move from one factory or warehouse to another.

    To create surgical-quality materials for masks like non-woven fabrics, our manufacturer uses spunbond and meltblown processes. In both cases, polypropylene is melted, made into filaments, and bonded into a fabric. The meltblown fabric tangles in the air as it is blown and bonds as it cools, whereas spunbond filaments are laid randomly and bonded after. These processes create fabrics with different properties. Meltblown fabric is finer, softer, and less durable, but also offers a smaller micron diameter. In comparison, the spunbond fabric is more durable and structured.

    For our duckbill style N95, we use a spunbond polypropylene outer layer, a meltblown polypropylene filter in the middle, and a spunbond polypropylene inner layer. This is similar to the construction of our regular 3-ply surgical face masks. It is then arranged into a duck-bill shape for an extra breathable and comfortable design. For every N95 mask, our manufacturer adds a bendable nosepiece and ear loops for an anti-slip, secure fit on the face.

    To us, our safety and medical certifications are a badge of trust, and we are proud to have our products recognized as safe and reliable by leading authorities. To ensure consistent quality PPE, accredited third-party labs evaluate and test our products. There, they determine if our masks meet the rigorous standards by trusted organizations like the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. After undergoing quality control measures, our disposable products are shipped to the warehouse until they are ready to go to you — whether you are local or across the country. For more info about our certifications, please contact us.

    Why Choose an N95 Particulate Respirator?

    With less seal leakage and filter penetration, N95 respirators offer everyone peace of mind — especially those who are immunocompromised or have preexisting conditions. Every NEO PPE particulate respirator is designed to protect against infectious pathogens as well as particles like dust or smoke while remaining hands-free with anti-slip features.

    An N95 mask provides enhanced safety for people across a variety of business sectors. With our affordable, ethical price point, you no longer have to choose between your budget and medical-grade or enhanced safety.



    Protect essential construction employees from dust, debris, and disease on the job. With secure N95 masks, you can provide every worker with the safety and health that they deserve.
    First Responders

    First Responders

    Use the best in protection with N95 masks that block harmful pathogens, dust, smoke, debris, and more. With a comfortable and fitted design, first
    responders can stay safe while performing their critical job.


    With frequent face-to-face contact, use the best protection possible for a healthy staff and protected patients. With our medical-grade N95 masks, healthcare employees can enjoy the best PPE available.


    Give your employees peace of mind, comfort, and safety on the job. By choosing a non-medical N95 mask, manufacturing employees can be kept safe from chemicals, dust, dirt, and other particles.
    Spas & Salons

    Salons & Spas

    For those in the beauty industry, the use of strong chemicals and face-to-face contact frequently go together. Protect clients and workers with medical-grade, anti-slip PPE designed to keep you hands-free and ready to work.
    All Sectors

    All Sectors

    In any type of business, individuals need health and safety protections to thrive. By adding high quality, disposable N95 equipment to your business, you can protect high-risk employees or clients.

    Wearing Your N95 Mask

    Our masks are designed for people with faces of many shapes and sizes. For safe and efficient use, ensure that you wear your particulate respirator properly. Both a traditional N95 respirator and a duckbill style respirator and surgical mask require a full coverage seal to keep you safe. After putting on your mask, always perform a fit test. These tests help you determine if a mask is right for your face and if there are any areas where there is not a tight seal.

    For our traditional respirator, exhale sharply and ensure that there is no air leakage. If there is, check that the elastic bands are not tangled and that you do not have hair or jewelry impacting the seal of your respirator. Adjust the elastic bands and nosepiece as needed. Repeat these steps until you have achieved a seal with secure suction and no leakage. For the duckbill style respirators and masks, inhale and exhale. Your mask should slightly collapse for each inhalation and slightly expand during an exhalation. Again, check that no air is leaking out from the edges and adjust the bands or nosepiece as needed. With a proper seal in place, you can enjoy safe, anti-slip protection.

    Every N95 mask that we offer is disposable. Always remember to remove and dispose of your masks carefully. With UV lights, recent experiments show that touching the face during removal can easily spread harmful pathogens. Instead, hold the respirator by the elastic bands. Used PPE is considered medical waste, so dispose of it properly. If you are wearing a mask at work, contact your employer for any info about medical waste disposal protocols that may be in place. If there are none, do not attempt to recycle respirator masks as that can contaminate recycling bins and spread germs. Simply place a used N95 mask in a plastic bag, close the bag, and throw it away. After, thoroughly wash your hands to avoid the spread of germs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can I not create a seal for my N95 mask?
    You may experience difficulty creating a seal if you have jewelry or hair that is interfering. Masks also may not be able to seal if your elastic bands are twisted or tangled. The CDC recommends that those with facial hair choose a close shave if they plan to wear any N95 that requires a seal. For anti-slip coverage, shave sideburns or any beard that is underneath the edges of a respirator. For those who cannot or choose not to shave facial hair, it may compromise the N95’s seal. Under those circumstances, a non-suction 3-ply mask may be a better choice.

    If you are struggling to create your seal and suction, you may need a different style of N95 mask. While these products are one-size-fits-most, some designs are better suited for specific face shapes or features.

    Can I reuse a disposable N95?
    Our N95 masks are single-use. However, during PPE shortages, circumstances can change. Though reuse with sanitization has recently become more common, it is not recommended — unless authorized during a severe PPE shortage. Reusing your respirator or wearing it for an extended time will impact fit and decrease efficiency. Even with strict decontamination protocols, these masks are designed, tested, and crafted to be disposable. Every reuse can decrease the disposable mask’s efficiency.
    How can I tell if my respirator is well made?
    At NEO PPE, we proudly have multiple medical and safety certifications for our 3-ply masks, respirators, and other equipment. While you may find face masks online that look like ours, not all of them are effective — especially ones that are at on sale at a suspiciously low price. Some counterfeit options may use cheap materials, like a paper- or cotton-based fabric layer in place of a polypropylene filter. This eliminates the power of physical filtration and removes electrostatic filtration, altogether. Others may be non-sterile or created without rigorous quality control. Because you may not be able to tell if a mask is safe or medical-grade by looking at it, it is important to read a respirator’s labels and certifications before you buy a pack or more. Contact the company if that info is not readily available online.
    Which N95 mask style is best for me?
    Between face shape, facial features, and head size, everyone will have a different experiencing fitting a mask to their faces. While our equipment is one-size-fits-most, one style may be better for you than another.

    In addition, you may have specific medical-certification needs or uses for your mask. To protect yourself from dust, dirt, and fumes, both masks are good options. However, you may gravitate toward the duckbill style N95 if you need supplies that are FDA-approved as long-term surgical respirators. Before you purchase a pack, contact us for additional info. We would be happy to discuss your needs, match you with PPE, and ship our stock to you.

    Ordering N95 Respirators
    At NEO PPE, shipping generally takes a week for items on the ground. However, we often connect clients to their orders in as few as 3-5 days. If your order requires special care or if we do not have the quantity you need in stock at our warehouse, this will take longer. We are transparent with this process and will always let you know when you should expect your N95 masks to arrive.

    We are proud to provide the masks you need at an ethical price point — without price gouging! Contact us to get more information about pricing and determine which medical-grade or safety supplies you should buy. We determine cost based on several factors — whether you qualify for bulk order discounts or whether you are local or require distance shipping. No matter what, we are committed to fulfilling your respirator needs and getting you quality masks quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

    We look forward to providing you high-quality PPE

    If you are interested in purchasing a product from NEO PPE, please contact us today. After submitting this form, we will reach out to you shortly.

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